SUPPORTING Zambian Fish Farmers

Horizon Aquaculture is helping to build the aquaculture space in Zambia. We provide Zambian fish farmers with the fish feed they need to produce.

distributor of akva fish cages

AKVA Group is a leading manufacturer of fish cages, along with land based aquaculture equipment across the globe.

High quality fish feed

Horizon procures feed in bulk from Aller Aqua Zambia, including Aller Til-Pro Supplement, a feed for small-scale “greenwater” fish farmers.

Aller Aqua Zambia operates sub-Saharan Africa’s largest and most technologically advanced aquafeed factory.

tilapia FIngerlings

Horizon procures and retails mono-sex Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings from Yalelo Zambia, which operates sub-Saharan Africa’s largest commercial hatchery.

Fingerlings can be transported to the customer’s farm at an additional cost.

fish farming equipment

Horizon is the exclusive distributor in Southern Africa of AKVA, Europe’s leading manufacturer of fish farming equipment.

To order from the AKVA Catalogues, please call: 260979415130  or email: [email protected]

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